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Why do I need a catalog? Because the site product release a lot, the number of pages is also a lot. Such as our company’s bamboo watches. But each page are carefully looked, many people will lose patience. And the production of simple product catalog, the product can be more intuitive display in front of users, and easy to find the user needs information.

Why do I need to download the catalog? Because every day a lot of old and new users to inquire about us, ask the content is on the product catalog. So the main purpose of this forum is to provide customers with the latest and most complete catolog.

When you register our user account, we will open a member service for you. Then you can log on at any time to view and download the latest and fastest catolog. So you can keep abreast of our latest changes, without having to ask us about catolog. We set the print function on the page, you can always print him and keep it. This not only for our two sides to save time, but also for the customer’s search query provides a convenience and improve efficiency.

If you have any question, please contact us.

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