The download page provides a centralized collection of reviews for various events, new releases, quotes, and so on.

First, for the cooperation of customers to provide the latest quotation. Registration of our user account, we will open for you member services. You can log on at any time to view and download the latest quotes and styles. So that you can keep abreast of our latest changes, without having to ask for quotation.

Second, the new release show. We will develop a new month of wood sunglasses and wood watches. So we will be in style, materials and functional point of view to do innovation. Our product release page can not fully analyze the new selling point. So we will do a series of reports in the download page profound. So that more users understand that our new original ideas, design drawings, material properties, functional characteristics and so on.

Third, a variety of activities to review. We will participate in our annual exhibition notice, exhibition review, customer visits and so on to make a summary. Update to download the page plate, more people know our dynamics.

The above is what I would like to introduce here on the download page of the general content. If you have any doubts, please contact us promptly. Thanks

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