watch model is round and age is both for man and woman. Material is bamboo and leather, then back is bamboo.Watch buckle is stainless steel, and movement is 2035 Japanese quartz movement. glass material is float glass and glass rim is black or white. Dial is bamboo, zebra, ebony, maple and so on. Scale is laser or metal. And watch hands is 0.1mm Japan copper, and strap is handmade leather. Our package is Protective film , packing bag and Bubble bag. Our box has 2 model bamboo box and 1 model crok box for your choose. Logo is Lanser logo or metal logo, MOQ: 1PCS. Moq is 1pcs. We have the following four watches, including leather with wood watches, full wood watches, metal wood watches and nylon strap wood watches.



Wrist Watch… FE34DU0141G

Luxury Watches… FA031121S1S

Wood Watch… FC24244S2S

Cool Unique… SWI34DU0141S+WBC1M

Handcrafted Silver… SWF34YD42B+WBC1M

Wooden Luxury… FA04346G2B

Wood Made… FA04285B2B

Engraved Mens… FA04258E1S

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