Our blog is the module of knowledge sharing, we divide the theme into two plates. The purpose is to make our users not only have a better understand of our company. But also have a better understand of the bamboo sunglasses. Bamboo watches and other products. At the same time, We will organize more users to raise their questions. Then we will write articles to answer their questions. Of course. We will regard this as an important task. And pay attention to it.

First, news is mainly about the industry exhibition, market consulting. And precautions for using bamboo sunglasses, bamboo watch and so on.
Second, about the technology. There are the latest technology industry. Including materials, technology and so on. We want to give our users more market consulting.

The main purpose of establishing the blog. Customers can timely feedback on product advantages and disadvantages. Our company can be adjusted for the views of customers. And try to make customers more satisfied.

Users are welcome to provide corrections to our content and provide valuable suggestions for improvement. In fact, it will have an important impact on the development of our company.

If you have any question, please contact us. Thank you very much.

What is the differe…

So what is the difference between bamboo and wood? Beyond our expectation, the bamboo is classified as grass, not wood,…

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