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News: Features of skykmood’s Website Updated

skymood website new features info

skymoodwood.com website has been produced for 4 months. Formally launched on June 14, 2018. Increased online shopping, online pre-sale, online custom and latest trailer.


First , “On sale” —– Direct selection of model, products add to cart, fill in the shipping address, direct payment.

In the past, when you needed a product, always ask our salesman for a new update sunglasses, watch catalog.

Now you do not always do that, because you can direct online view the latest products and prices.

Favorite styles can be added directly to the shopping cart

Second, “Pre-sale” will tell you what we are producing. For example, we are producing a new watch and we will announce it on the pre-sale page to let our buyers know that you can pre-order.

We will announce the arrival time on the website for your reference. Presale products will allow you to get the latest business opportunities, so that your competitors can not find the same products and you compete in a short time

Third,”custom your own design”—-You can build a belongs only to your watch or glasses at any time, the unique colors, the unique parts kit mix.

DIY wood watch
custom your sunglasses

Finally, “blog”—– Introduced our company’s Instagram and youtube content, because our workman can update the content at any time in the mobile phone, allowing you to see our latest product and operation instructions on our website, etc.

Our website is still updating and perfecting content. If it brings you inconvenience, please forgive us. In addition, if you have any website modifications idea, please feel free to tell us and we will give you discounts and gifts.

email:  [email protected]