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How to choose best Wooden arm sunglasses

When we walked down the streets of Europe, the sun was shining on the face, very comfortable. But intense UV rays and light reflection on your eyes, making you feel uncomfortable. look for a pair of sunglasses is a choice for everyone and When you want to be more environmentally friendly, wood arm sunglasses is one of the best choices.

wood frame sunglasses canada

Wood arm sunglasses, there are many kinds of market wholesale prices, then how to distinguish product quality?

FIRST, about wood temple sunglasses quality of the lens

Under gravity, wood arm sunglasses TAC polarized lens will not be destroyed
Ordinary AC or PC lenses are easy to blast under gravity and easily damage the glasses. When you are sporting, or if something suddenly flies to your face, it is terrible to bring it.
 Under the impact of gravity, the TAC lens will not be destroyed, it is safe.
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SECOND, about plastic frame quality

made with new plastic sunglasses
Poor plastic :
made with 40% scrap plastic with 60% new plastic together(Smell no smell, but long-term wear, easy to break,allergic to the skin)
our good plastic  :
made with new plastic imports from the United States. Good light transmission, no impurities, no odor, no allergies to the skin

THIRD, about sunglasses hinge

wood arm sunglasses Spring Hinges are equipped with a small spring that affords the arms a greater range of movement and open more than 90-degree angle.
The fixed hinge can only be opened to 90 degrees, which is a traditional hinge
  Spring Hinges are equipped with a small spring, and affords the arms a greater range of movement and open more than 90-degree angle. These hinges provide greater comfort for the wearer, can not worry about the large face, you feel the very comfortable wear and are more able to with everyday use.

what are polarized lenses ?

wood temple sunglasses TAC polarized lenses

 Advantages of TAC polarized sunglasses:

1. Effectively reduce glare, eliminate dazzling reflected light and scattered light, and make the scattered light turn into parallel light, making the object clearer, softer and clearer.
2. The polarizing angle and curvature of the polarized lens are professionally designed and processed so that the wearer does not have the feeling of scene distortion and dizziness.
3, polarized lenses have 7 layers of composite material, in line with international sunglasses standard, UV400 UV standard, all-round protection of the eyes.
From the inside out:
——The first layer is a Hard surface protection film.
——the second layer is UV 400 isolation ultraviolet absorption layers that absorb more than 99% of UV rays.
——the third layer is color material layers, like grey color or brown color.
——the four-layer is the PVA polarizing film, which is the core of the lens and provides more than 99% polarizing effect, effectively absorbing glare.
——The five layers are TAC Lens material bonding layers, which can effectively resist cutting, baking, bake, and cut pieces, and can withstand the test of harsh environment.
——The six layers are ultraviolet absorption layers that absorb more than 99% of UV rays.
——The seven layers is Hard surface protection film. anti-impact layers to improve toughness and impact resistance, prevent lens scratches and extend lens life.
4. The TAC lens is extremely light and thin (thickness 0.7mm, 1.1mm,1.2mm,1.5mm).
5. Under gravity, the lens will not explode and will not scratch the eye.
about us sunglasses with wood arm
The appearance can be made the same, but the consumer satisfaction is not the same.
if you have a shop, don’t care too much about the price, should pay more attention to the quality and details of the difference. Because it will bring satisfaction to your customers
if you only hope price is low, you can find other supplier buy poor quality.
If you just give it as a gift free of charge to consumers, I suggest you buy cheaper ones.
If you do a business, it is recommended that you do a good quality that will bring you more business.
we are wood sunglasses manufacturer, hope can help your business.
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