Buy the mall, we used to give users the experience of buying products page. Hope that our users through the site to browse through the product, but also hope to actually experience the quality of the product, comfort and so on.We will promptly according to our warehouse inventory. To adjust the sale of products, whether you buy one, or buy a lot of quantity. If you need to customize, such as wood hand watch, please send us a prompt inquiry.
We will do before delivery quality inspection, and do a solid packaging.

Such as your purchase of bamboo sunglasses, but did not buy glasses box, then we will use 5 layers of hard Walloon box packaging. For example, you buy a bamboo watch and buy a watch box. Then we will use three layers of hard Walloon box packaging to ensure that the logistics process will not be damaged.
We will choose two kinds of logistics delivery to our goods, the first is DHL, effective for 3-7 days. The second is the Dutch package, effective 20-35 days.
We will provide services for the protection of goods. If your goods damaged in transit, we will change new goods for you.If you have any problem, please contact us. Thank you

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