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how to clean wood sunglasses

How to Clean Wood Sunglasses

Notes for cleaning and maintaining the wood sunglasses

The household soapsuds and another neutral detergent can be used to clean the frame.

Attention! Highly corrosive cleansers are not allowed to clean the frame, or the frame will be corroded.

When you put off the wood sunglasses, please wrap the glasses with the glasses cloth and put it into the wood sunglasses box.

Do not expose the frame to the sunshine or high temperature in a long time, or it will gradually become warped and the color of the frame will fade easily; while the extremely low temperature will lead to the brittle fracture of the frame.

Keep the glasses away from the corrosive chemicals, which will lead to the degradation and color change of the frame.

how to clean wood sunglasses

Notes for correctly wearing the glasses

Hold both temples with your hands. Parallel the temple with your cheek when you are going to wear it. Wearing the glasses with the only one hand will lead to the distortion of the frame due to the stress on the one side. When putting away the glasses, close the left temple first and then the right or the frame is easy to became warped.

If the frame is distorted, it is likely to bring burden to the nose and ears, as well as lead to the loose of the glasses. Better to have your glasses be adjusted regularly by the specialty stores. If the screw becomes loose, bring it to the glasses store and have it timely tightened or the lenses are easy to fall down.

how to clean wood sunglasses bag and cloth

What are the cleaning tools for lenses?

There are two types of the cleaning tools, that is, cleaning detergent and the cleaning cloth.

How to clean the lenses?

Cleaning detergent
Please use the spectacle-specialized care solution or cleaning detergent. You can replace them with dish detergent and soap if you don’t have specialized detergents. These two cleaning tools will not damage the lenses. Just coat the lenses with those cleansers and then, wash with water.

Cleaning cloth
Generally, there are two cleaning cloth. One is the glasses cloth, the other is the tissue. Both of them can be used to clean the lenses.

Make sure that the cloth or the tissue is clean, so that the lenses will not be tainted with bacteria which may lead to the cross infection of eyes.

Besides, hard tissue is likely to scratch the lenses. Soft tissue is a better choice.

Apart from those two cleaning cloth, lens wiping paper is also a good choice. It is specially applied for cleaning the lenses of cameras, microscopes and other optical lenses.

how to clean wood sunglasse

Four notes for maintaining the lenses

Never clean the lenses with the coat-tails or ordinary fabric, for coarse-fibred cloth will leave netted scar on lenses. The lenses may also be tainted with bacteria which will infect eyes.

Always use cleaning cloth. Hold one side of the frame. Wipe the lenses gently, so that the frame or the lenses will not be damaged by your overstrain.

If the lenses are extremely dirty, wash them with water. After that, hold the frame or the bridge with one hand. Wet the thumb and the index of the other hand with alkalescent soap or dish detergent, or other neutral cleaning detergents. Gently wipe the both sides of lenses. Then, wash away the soap and dirt. Finally, dry the lenses with cotton cloth or other fine quality cloth.

Always have the lenses on the top and temple beneath it, or the lenses will be abraded. If you are not going to wear it for a long time, wrap it with glasses cloth and put it in the glasses case. Never casually put it in your bag or pocket, which are extremely likely to have the coatings scratched.

Keep the lenses away from erosive materials, which will lead to the degradation and color change of the lenses, as well as the damage to the coatings.

Never put the glasses in the cab or other places which have direct sunlight or high temperature, for the high temperature will make the lenses distorted, and the coating are likely to crack.

Dry the glasses as soon as possible when it becomes wet. Never let it dry itself. Water scale will change into stains, unable to be wiped away.

Wash lenses immediately if they are coated with highly erosive materials, or the lenses coating will be damaged or fall off.

One More Note!

Many people like to wear the sunglasses on the top of their head. In fact, the action will damage the hinge of the glasses.