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What is the difference between natural bamboo sunglasses and carbonized bamboo sunglasses?

So what is the difference between bamboo and wood?

bamboo frame sunglasses, Beyond our expectation, the bamboo is classified as grass, not wood, because its interior is hollow, no wood rings. however, it’s tall, growing rapidly.

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Making bamboo frame sunglasses, what’s the sort?

Making natural materials in the production of sunglasses, bamboo became one of the best choices. bamboo frame sunglasses are routinely divided into nature bamboo frame sunglasses and carbonized bamboo sunglasses. The natural bamboo color similar to white, belonging to the original color of bamboo, pure natural feeling. The carbonized bamboo is the natural bamboo through the high temperature and pressure and turns out to the brown color, becoming antibacterial, adsorption impurities and harmful gases, Both of them are an ideal sunglasses making materials, according to the preferences of each person to pick.

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Why does bamboo become a priority for making natural sunglasses?

1. In order to comfort the sunglasses, sunglasses are designed to be made according to the size and contours of the face, so the sunglasses need frames and the temples have curvature. In natural materials, bamboo is characterized by easy bending, but also toughness, it is very suitable for making sunglasses.

2. Bamboo grows rapidly, is the fastest growing plant in the world, 3-5 years can be mature. And the general tree needs more than 10 years to be mature. So, the price of bamboo material is cheaper than wood.

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1. Natural materials, environmental protection, bio-degradable.

2. Bamboo can float in the water, so do the bamboo frame sunglasses, Very suitable for use in the swimming pool, water sports, seaside sports and so on.

3. Bamboo sunglasses can be a collection of works of art.

4. Health, no harm to the human body.

5. And skin contact, will not lead to skin allergies. Because the bamboo in the just exposed when the ground, the Asian people used to do food, the Asian people will also make bamboo chopsticks, the food into the mouth, you can also make bamboo toothbrush, these are and mouth, skin. While the plastic, stainless steel, and other materials part of the crowd easily lead to skin allergies.

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Wenzhou hante trade co., Ltd is specialized suppliers of wood clothing accessories company, including wood sunglasses, wooden watches, wooden bow tie and so on. We are both a manufacturer and a vendor. Skymood is a registered trademark of our company. Our products hope to bring you good mood like blue mood.

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