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How about wood sunglasses


Above all, Wood sunglasses originated in Japan, use the natural materials. Then combined with the traditional hand-made technology, in the human nature of the unique elements of nature, to produce each pair of unique glasses, fashion apparel industry quickly becomes a new topic.

The use of natural materials made of environmentally and friendly sunglasses, first of all to 65 wide × 170 long × 5 thick as the standard. But natural wood need to cut each of these sizes, platen wood need 6-12 layer veneer high temperature bonding into such a size.

And then, draw the drawings of the production of glasses, carved machine to carve the appearance of glasses. After the use of hand-polished, hand-assembled, quality control and so on. Then it will be made into a finished product.No doubts, we can be said that a pair of wood sunglasses production, is a lot of time spent labor, not the machine can be mass production. So, please respect every handmade work.