First, timely payment. When we communicate the product details and determine the purchase intention, we will send  PI for you, determine the order details. Then we will ask you to pay for the order, we support paypal, bank transfer and Alibaba order payment. When we receive your payment, we will start the production of the order. So, when you receive a payment notice, please pay in a timely manner, because this is the basis for ensuring the delivery of your goods on time. For example, if your goods are delayed by 5 days, then our product delivery will be automatically 5 days delay.

Second, how to calculate the effective date of the order? When you receive your payment, we will check with the bank to determine the payment has been in our company account, then the contract order also came into effect. For example, if you choose a bank transfer, because the international bank has a remittance between the processing time, actually to our company account has been 3 days later, then the order effective date is automatically delayed 3 days to implement. We advise you to pay to Paypal or Alibaba order payment, as they are all arriving in time.

Third, we currently support the US dollar and RMB transactions. If you have special requirements, please contact us in time.

Fourth, we require a one-time payment for the order. If you have a large number of products in your one-time order, please contact us for L / C.

We support PayPal payment and bank transfer

If you have any question, please contact us


We support PayPal payment and bank transfer

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