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SKYMOOD family members work introduction

Our company mainly sells wood dial watch and wood sunglasses. As a supplier of bamboo sunglasses, bamboo watch and other products, when we develop from a tiny family base to a complete team. Including manufacturing department, customer service, market, documentary, purchasing, development, finance, personnel and Huge cooperation suppliers, we have been thinking, how can we do good? We understand that a person is unable to complete all the work content, only the team cooperation and their division of labor, integrated screening industry quality resources in order to get better development.The following are the main members of the company.

Steven is Our sales manager and responsible for our customer follow-up and communication and so on.

Zoe, Responsible for customer follow-up, customer management and network promotion.

Joey, Order supervisor, responsible for customer order follow up, process management and timely delivery.

Tina, Responsible for both product development and product technology research

Hunter, Responsible for sourcing and procurement. find more profile providers and control the quality of materials.

Alice, Responsible for product taking pictures, picture beautification, design drawings and so on.

Tom, Customer brand production, laser and trademark printing.

Robert, Production supervisor, responsible for production and workshop management.

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